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The hugely sucsessful Blowout is finally back and noe its on fire... litrally!

The only true real wax candle that really lights its self and really blows itself out in the WORLD!

We have improved every aspect of the origanal blowout candle but keeping the groundbraking origanal method to extinguish the flame.

The Performer has full control of when the real flame candle ignites and when it goes out compleatly remotly via wireless remote or now even via a server meaning many of these can be linked together and triggered in sequence or whenever you need.

Blowout can be performed close up or on stage and even handled without raising any suspition. 

The New version can burn even longer (upto an hour at a time without causing damage to the candle.)

Blowout 2.0

Out of Stock
    • Connectivity: Mesh Network, Ble 5.2, WIFI and 433mhz.
    • Lasts upto 100 lights on one single charge.
    • Easy to refill.
    • USB C Charging in 1 hour.
    • Real flame and compleatly silent (no fans)
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