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The Oblivious board is much more than an impression device, it's the world's first intelligent integration impression board..... now improved!


The Oblivious Board is made from a 5mm piece of MDF for the authentic clipboard look. Although other finishes available on request.


You can now instantly see what somebody is writing in real-time and get it sent digitally to Oblivious Notifier, iOS device or your other magic devices.

There are 3 different types of board we now produce based on your feedback. We made a small A6 board, a medium A5 board and finally a large A4 board which ideal for larger audiences.

The Oblivious Board will come with selected modes while other modes will be available for subscription or in app purchases.Some of the modes include: Impression Mode - The ability to see what's being drawn or wrote in real-time on your watch or phone or even view it on the new Oblivious Notifier.


Multiconnect Mode - Connect upto 4 Oblivious Board and stream data live on a single screen or splitscree. Allowing the performer to see whats being wrote on 4 devices and allowing those devices to individually control seperate modes (requires Oblivious Pro Notifier)


Lotto Mode - The ability to send handwritten numbers or text to a thermal printer


Time Predition Mode - The ability to send a handwritten time to set a real wall clock 


Search Mode - Search mode takes a handwritten word and searches Wikipedia for the word, reading out the first paragraph (or how ever many words you choose) of the Wikipedia article to your earpiece and displaying a photograph on your watch and phone of the word that was handwritten.


Booktest Mode - A spectator writes the page number of a book, newspaper or even a photo album that they freely choose, the magician instantly knows the key information about that page.


Prevision Mode - Prevision mode is Mind-blowing. Please contact us for more information about this. Due to the nature of this mode, we don't want to make it public knowledge.


Photo Prediction Mode - Before the performance, you upload an image to the Oblivious app, and then anything you write or draw on the board will appear in that image. Before you start you will be able to predate and select the time and location of the photo prediction. You even have the option to convert it to a text style of your choice and render it in the image before the Oblivious app saves the image to your camera roll without seeing or touching your phone.


There are many more modes coming soon and we can even make custom modes if required. This is an updated version of the original Board with more failsafes built throughout the app, meaning you will never lose your information, longer battery life NFC functions and more advanced accelerometer detection for orientations of the board and performer ect. The performer can see and feel what is being written on their Apple watch or IOS device and get haptic feedbacks of certain inputs to help you stay focused on your performance without having to check you devices.


NEW- Users will be given logins and passwords to the app to keep the app and features secret and only avalible to owners with one install, this is to stop people recreating ideas and functions.


As always dont confuse Oblivious products with cheap chinese copies and knockoffs

Oblivious Impression Board V2.0

SKU: 364115376135191
PriceFrom $1,300.00
    • Range: Up to 100 meters.
    • Compact: 170mm x 240mm Elite board is 4mm thin
    • Battery: 2-3 days (in standby).
    • Fully examinable, electronics are sealed completely inside
    • Addons available
    • 1 hour charge will give you approximatly 5 hours performance time.
    • Wireless charging
    • 1 year Warranty
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