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Oblivious Multiboard is the latest addition to the Oblivious range.

Multiboard is designed to replicate the look of a close-up whiteboard.

It can be used as a normal whiteboard by the performer or spectator which means it’s fully examinable and concealed ( not that you would want to examine a whiteboard.)

Now for the magic part, the whiteboard has many secrets, it uses the latest tech including magnetic locking wireless charger to help locate charging coil, Bluetooth 5.2 and WiFi and much more. It can be used as an Oblivious impression whiteboard and capture what the spectator writes and draws and can be viewed remotely.

Next, it can also be used as a prediction whiteboard, this means you can thumb-write in the bottom right corner and the word will be displayed full screen to look like it was written by a whiteboard marker.

This is just the start. As it’s an Oblivious product you can connect it to your other Oblivious products including being able to take something written on the Vision pad and display it as a prediction on the Multiboard whiteboard, but the best thing is the multiboard takes the writing and changes the handwriting style so the spectator can’t recognize it’s their handwriting!

The Multiboard is fully contained and doesn’t need to rely on WiFi or data or even an app, actually, it has the modes built-in and running on the OS. Literally, turn it on and start performing magic!

This also works with the Multimonitor now and the multimonitor can be used as a swipe remote control or it can be used with keyboard input and can also be used to remote view, also this is all without an app!

We have been building this new oblivious operating system for longevity so that users don’t need to worry about 3rd party devices or apps.

Last of all Multiboard had a built-in OTA (over the air) update feature so that you can get the latest modes and features directly to your device.

Oblivious Multiboard

Out of Stock
  • Bluetooth 5.2

    Bluetooth Range:Up to 100meters.


    Battery: 5-15 hours.

    Electronics are sealed completely inside

    Addons available

    1 hour charge will give you approximatly 4 hours performance time.

    Maglock Wireless charging

    1 year Warranty

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