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The Oblivious Multimonitor is the new way to interact and contol your Oblivious range without a moblie phone.

A complete operating system built from the ground up will be a new way to to control Oblivous devices like the Oblivious board, Oblivious Pro Notifier, Oblivious Flipchart and a fabulous way to send data to Oblivious Multiboard with swipe input.

The Multimonitor is not just a Reciever, but its also a remote control to transmit data and with OTA updates and new modes coming soon to match the Oblivious ios app with the familiar intuative interface Oblivious owners are used to.

There are 2 versions of the Multimonitor Both will have the same hardware but with 2 types of finish.

The first premium finish is machined out of a single block of aluminium and then blasted with glass before being annodised to give this unit a premium matte black finish. 

The second option is a very tough black plastic material.

The Multimonitor has a high quilty glass touchscreen with capacitive touch, built in vibration motor for notifcations along with a USB C socket for quick charging the multimonitor and a SD card slot for saving impressions and future modes and updates.

As always these products all hand made using only the best materials and parts, making them stand out from cheap chinese knockoffs.

Oblivious Multimonitor

PriceFrom $500.00
    • Compact: 62mm x 105mm and 14mm thin 
    • Battery: 2-5 hours.
    • Fast Charge via USB C port
    • Addons available
    • Sd Card slot for extending memory
    • Glass capacitive touch screen
    • High quility aluminium or plastic finish
    • Ble and WIFI connectivity 
    • Vibrate function
    • Brightness Control
    • 1 year Warranty
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