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The Oblivious Reach Sharpie is a Magnetic detector like no other. Not only is the performer standing over 5 meters away when he knows which hand the spectator is holding the object in, but he can also start and finish the any hand effect compleatly clean. The Performer doesnt need to make any contact or even get close to the spectator. Infact the spectators are compleatly Oblivious to what is actually happening at the time the effect is performed. Although this Sharpie can be used as a traditional standalone magnetic detecting device in the performers hand, it has also been clevely integrated into a stand off efffect for owners of the Oblivious Notifier. The hardware is actually set to scan and detect for a magnetic field change every 0.05ms which creates an even more accurate device reacting to the smallest of changes. It can also detect the polarity of the magnet, making it perfect for detecting the heads and tails of a magnetic coin. As well as this it can recognise different strenghs of magnet field making it be able to detect different objects all in one routine with just one device. The Oblivious Reach Sharpie is completely examinable and can actually be used as a sharpie during the show by the spectators without raising suspition.


As always dont confuse Oblivious products with cheap chinese copies and knockoffs

Oblivious Reach Detector

$750.00 Regular Price
$675.00Sale Price
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    • Bluetooth Range:Up to 20 meters.
    • 9axis accelerometer.
    • Detection Magnet upto 30cm away in standalone mode.
    • know which hand a magnetic item is in while standing 10meters away when used with the Oblivious notifier.
    • 256 colour notifcation LED
    • Powerfull quite vibration haptic touch for standalone mode.
    • Battery: 2-3 days  (in standby).
    • Electronics are sealed completely inside
    • USB micro charge time- 1 hour
    • 1 minute charge will give you approximatly 4 hours performance time.
    • USB Charging
    • 1 year Warranty
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