Oblivious Resonate is a Boneconduction Sharpie that plays a queued audio file when the performer is ready to hear it.

It was designed to replace hidden earpieces for the people who dont feel comfortable using them.

Unlike traditional boneconductor devices the Oblivious Resonate is designed to be use to aid the performer to retrieve audio prompts from Other devices and all of the Oblivious range.


An example of this is a word is wrote on the Oblivious Board and the performer doesnt have is phone to peek. Instead with the Oblivious Resonate the word gets stored in the Resonate Sharpie and when the performer is ready he can press the tiny button on the Resonate Sharpie or use motion to play the word.

After a pre set delay while the performer removes the cap from the Resonate Sharpie or makes a natural gesture, they then get the information they was waiting for via the boneconductor at their convenience.


The amplifier, battery, accelerometer and the the tiny boneconductor are all conatined with the processor and ble module inside the real working Resonate Sharpie.


More infomation coming soon. The device is in the final stages of testing to find its limits.

Oblivious Resonate

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