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One of the latest products to come to the Oblivious range is the Oblivious Synchronize.


Oblivious Synchronize is a different take on traditioal "time effects" where the Performer produces a watch or clock with a time that was told by the spectator.


The way Oblivious Synchronize is different is that instead of the performer inputting a time the spectator selected the Oblivious Synchronize is the reverse of this.


The performer never needs to know the time before the reveal.

Infact the spectator is passed a clock and sets the time compleatly in secret and the performer gets an instant update of the time set either to his Oblivious Notifier or the Oblivious Synchronize app.


Oblivious Synchronize can be fit invisibly to most types wall clock.


More details will be revealed after the final testing is complete in the coming weeks. 

Oblivious Synchronize

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