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The Vision Pad is the worlds smallest and most advanced Impression device disguised as a Post-It Pad!


The Vision Pad is housed in a 5mm sealed fully contained housing with the dimentions of 76mm x 76mm x 5mm (3" x 3" x 0.19") this is precision made to match the exact size of a standard Post-it note to avoid any suspicion of the spectators.


It is finished in a latex matt coating and coloured to exactly match the standard Post-it note colour even duplicating the feel of paper in the hands of the user. 


It is refilled by simply placing real Post-it note paper on top of the thin device. Post-it paper upto the thickness of 10mm(0.39") can even still be accuratly read with this technology.


Now this is where the new device stands out from the rest...

We can connect the Vision pad to your IOS device not only using Bluetooth but also now with the insainely long range LORA (using the Sharpie Bridging Device sold seperatly) with the built in smart switching radio antenna.


Using the S.B.D (Sharpie Bridging Device), it Bridges the LORA signal from the Vision Pad to your Iphone extending the range of the Vision Pad upto **10miles (15km) in an open space. Although the S.B.D isnt required to use the Vision Pad its a great add on.


You can now instantly see what somebody is writing in real-time and get it sent digitally to *Oblivious notifier, iOS app or your other magic devices.

Their are 2 different types of Post-it Vision Pad we produce. We made a small Post-it size and the larger Post-it size one that is 76mm x 127mm x 4mm (3" x 5" x 0.15") .

The Vision Pad will come with selected modes and featres while other modes will be available for subscription or in app purchases. Some of the modes include: Impression Mode - The ability to see what's being drawn or wrote in real-time on your Iphone or even view it on the *Oblivious Notifier.

Q&A Mode - Will be coming soon and will allow the Post-it to be used as a Q&A device.



There are more modes and features coming soon and we can even make custom modes if required. The tech is an loosly based on the original Oblivious Board with many of the great same features that have been well tested over the last 3 years, including the failsafe features meaning you will never lose your information, improved battery life and more advanced accelerometer detection. 


* Addon Required

** S.B.D Range depends on surroundings 

Vision Pad

PriceFrom $1,200.00

    • LORA Range: Up to 10miles (15km)*
    • Bluetooth Range:Up to 100meters.
    • Compact: 76mm x 76mm x 5mm (3" x 3" x 0.19") Small and 76mm x 127mm x 4mm (3"x 5" x 0.15") Large size Post-it. 
    • Battery: 20-30hours (in standby).
    • Electronics are sealed completely inside
    • Addons available
    • 1 hour charge will give you approximatly 8 hours performance time.
    • Wireless charging
    • 1 year Warranty
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