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I'm extremely proud to introduce the Oblivious sharpie notifier, 2 years and many prototypes later and I can finally introduce you to the perfect addition to your collection.

The Oblivious notifier is not only a notifier, receiving messages and prompts discreetly on a screen in your hand, but it's also a remote and thumper that can send messages and information via an intuitively placed button or by your *position or movement, to some of your favorite devices and apps.


Originally I came up with the Oblivious Sharpie to be able to receive information wrote on the Oblivious board in the most natural and innocent way. The spectator can write any word or number on the Oblivious board and it instantly displays what the spectator wrote on the Oblivious Sharpie pen in the performer's hand allowing them to write the word they see (sold seperatly here).


There will be three different Versions of Notifier as Follows:


Oblivious Notifier - Will be the Notifier with the screen, button and vibrate functions but will not have the Accelerometer to detect movement.


Pro Oblivious Notifier - Will be the Notifier with the screen, button and vibrate functions and will also have the Accelerometer to detect movement.


Jumbo Oblivious Notifier - Will be the Larger Notifier with the Larger screen, button and vibrate functions and will also have the Accelerometer to detect movement.


The Oblivious sharpie contains a strong vibrate motor which while strong has been designed to be almost silent when set up correctly. In other instances, the performer can use the dual function button to recall information wrote at the performer's leisure or when it's most convenient, along with many other functions.


Finally, the Oblivious Sharpie has been Flawlessly integrated into Wikitest by the great Marc Kerstein,  allowing the performer's phone to remain locked in the performer's pocket, still enabling the performer to auto pair, view the words, and redirect the spectator's phone all from the Oblivious Sharpie.

Marc has also impeccably integrated the Oblivious Sharpie into WebFX which is a must for any serious performer, check out Marcs award winning apps here. More great apps will soon be compatible with the Oblivious Sharpie over the coming weeks and months. Finally of course being part of the Oblivious range you can expect it to work and integrate flawlessly with all of the other Oblivious products.


*Only on the pro models.


As always dont confuse Oblivious products with cheap chinese copies and knockoffs

Oblivious Sharpie Notifier

SKU: 364215376135191
PriceFrom $400.00
    • Connectibvity: Bluetooth BLE 5.1.
    • Range: Upto 30 Meters.
    • Battery: 1-2 days standby time.
    • Charge: 10 minutes Charge will give user 1 day standby time.
    • Display: 96 X 16, 30mm x 9.2mm
    • Features: 9 axis accelerometer, Vibrator motor, ARM Cortex prosessor, USB fast charge and a writable NFC tag to direct a spectators phone to your chosen location.


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